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tech Company Overview
Welcome to SoluSoft, a trusted software development company specializing in business process management and enterprise content management for more than 19 years within the US and internationally. We offer a full spectrum of software development and IT consulting products and services to SMBs and Fortune 500 enterprises. More Info

tech Business Process Management (BPM)
As a leading provider of Business Process Management, SoluSoft applies people, processes, and technology to implement software solutions that not only optimize your business processes while minimizing costs for continuous process improvement, but also seamlessly integrate with various third-party applications. More Info

tech Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
SoluSoft's enterprise content management suite offers the comprehensive management of your important documents, content, processes, and records. SoluSoft's integrated solutions span the creating, capturing, storing, delivering, and archiving of all your information. SoluSoft's solutions enhance the organization, collaboration, and communications within your firm. More Info

tech Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Automated business process solutions based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) have the potential to change the way your business operates. It synthesizes human thought processing to optimize your business processes by mining an enormous amount of data, and provides you the insight to predict customer preferences and offer them better, personalized experience. More Info

  Workflow and Document Management

  Forms Processing Software

  Time and Labor Management

  Enterprise Data Scanning Solution

IBM Premier Business Partner

SoluSoft, Inc. is a Premier IBM Business Partner providing business process solutions to IBM customers. SoluSoft develops custom content-intensive life sciences and pharmaceutical applications that works with IBM Case Management (ICM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms and related technologies.
Microsoft Silver/Gold Application Development

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is one of the industry's most successful and influential products helping to facilitate the next generation of team collaboration. We at SoluSoft have the skills and experience to help your business to successfully implement SharePoint in your environment.

Microsoft Azure
OpenText Select Partner

SoluSoft, Inc. is a leading software and services company providing business process solutions to OpenText Insurance, Financial and Government customers. SoluSoft develops information intensive applications that works with OpenText Process Suite (Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management platforms).

OpenTextTM Active Client Management for Insurance
Active Client Management for Insurance orchestrates the complete lifecycle for new bussiness(new polices), client servicing, and claims management cases. Employees and authorized third parties have an in-context, 360-degree view of case information relevant to the case's lifecycle stage, tightly integrated with case workflows and multidirectional integration with all the relevant enterprise systems such as Policy Administration System. The case folder--which operates just like a physical folder--gives teams quick access to all of the relevant information no matter where it resides. More Info
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