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Microsoft SharePoint
Organizations today have learned that in order to be successful it is important that communication channels be open throughout the company. One of the industries most successful and influential products helping to facilitate this communication is Microsoft Office SharePoint. SoluSoft has the skills and experience to help departments, divisions, and entire corporations to implement SharePoint successfully in their environment. From requirements to implementation and ongoing support, SoluSoft has all the tools you need to be productive and efficient with SharePoint. We can provide advice, direction, technical skills, and enhance product offerings that can make your SharePoint portal even more effective.

SharePoint enables teams and departments to collaborate on projects more efficiently. As an information portal, SharePoint makes it possible for team members to publish and maintain documents, review, and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, incorporate e-mails into the shared knowledge base and so much more. While it is easy to use, it is not always easy to design and define the features that best suit each group using the system. This is where the experts from SoluSoft can help. SoluSoft is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a SharePoint Independent Software Vendor, allowing us to add our own features to this innovative product.

SoluSoft can help you install SharePoint and introduce you to the products many features. While working with you to understand the benefits of the products various elements we can work together to define the requirements of your first portal. Then with the experience gained from this initial team effort, we can then start working with each organization that can benefit from the technology.


Solution Templates:
In addition to the standard features, SoluSoft also offers custom templates that allow standard business departments to get going quickly. Templates for HR, Marketing and Sales, and Accounting are available and can be customized for your individual needs or implemented as presented for the fastest availability. Once the departments users have gotten a chance to use the template we find you will get better feedback and ideas because the team has a vested interest in the success of the project.

HR Template:

  • Interview / Basic Employee Information
  • Vacation Application & Approval (With Workflow)
  • Employee Appraisals (With Workflow)
  • Marketing and Sales Template

Customer Management:

  • Marketing Employee list Management
  • Managing Targets for each Marketing Employee
  • Sales Met / Achieved
  • Generation of periodic Reports

Accounting Template:

  • Paycheck Generation (From HR Module)
  • Invoice Generation (From Marketing and Sales Module)
  • Managed Repository of Documents (Paychecks and Invoices)