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Archiving Solution
  • Archive System Configurations:
Inactive or dormant information from source database and or file system can be archived using i2Archive. Configurations need to be setup for Source Database, Archive Database, Storage Pool and Tasks for Archive Process. .
  • Task Management:
Tasks are modified using the Task Management feature. Functions like View Task Details, Delete Task, Edit Task, Run Task can be performed.
  • Task Log Management and Recovery:
If Archive task fails in middle of archive operation due to some technical or operational fault, then task can be recovered using Archive Task Recovery Option.
  • Task Reload:
Archived data can be reloaded to source database using Task Reload functionality. Logs are also maintained by the system. Tasks can be recovered in case of failures.
  • Purge Task:
Records and files can be purged from archive based on specified criteria and conditions. Purge activity can also be scheduled.
  • Task Schedule:
Task Scheduler schedules archive process for configured tasks. It can be scheduled to occur on daily, monthly, weekly basis. Task schedule can be edited or modified using “Manage Schedule” option.