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Workflow and Document Management
  • Capture
Documents are captured by batch scan systems and automatically entered into the system in batch mode or by a user in single-document mode. During capture text indexing is completed by N2 text indexing service.
  • Store:
Documents are stored in magnetic file system repositories or MSSQL/Oracle repository. The file system repository can utilize NAS or SAN storage sub system.
  • Profile:
Documents are indexed using configurable templates and organized into appropriate folders.
  • Search:
Finds documents and folders using template attributes or full text search.
  • View:
Rich multi file format viewer
  • Security:
Controls access to documents and objects
  • Level 1: Authentication
    • N2 internal authentication
    • N2 external authentication using windows
    • 2000/2003 Active Directory Services
  • Level 2: Authorization using roles and AC
  • Workflow management:
N2 provides two types of rule based workflow:
  • hierarchical workflow with user hierarchy
  • queue based workflow where multiple users can participate. It allows users to route documents or folders containing documents from step A to step B based on rules
  • Revise:
Document revisions are controlled and annotations are stored separately
  • Integration:
Interface to external systems linking documents to business processes
  • Digital Signature:
N2 provides Digital Signature and Document Encryption to ensure record and document authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. The document can be digitally signed & verified ensuring authenticity. The feature of cosign allows multiple users approval.
  • Web Scan:
The feature of Web Scan enables user to scan documents over the web. This enhanced feature of Viewer allows scanning documents and uploading to N2 repository without the support of scan application. It can be uploaded as new document, appended, inserted or replaced within an existing document.