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Outsourcing is an effective method of providing the best services at a lower cost. We provide high quality, efficient, and cost effective outsourcing services through offshore facilities in India with front office support in the US. These IT services include support, midrange services, data networking, application development and maintenance, web designing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, help desk services.

We strive to provide our clients with quality services in accordance to industry standards. Our strict quality control ensures the accuracy and cost effectiveness of our services. We cater to a wide range of customers the Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and American markets.

We are able to access our available global resource and skill pool to choose from a variety of outsourced and in-house combinations to reach your desired business and technical goals. With our industry expertise we connect the team through a network of regional agents across the globe to serve you better.

SoluSoft’s IT and development services can satisfy a variety of customer needs. Delivered services have included banking, document management, executive intelligence, relationship management, branch automation and core accounting - all on the industry's most popular hardware platforms.

SoluSoft’s Outsourcing Models are designed to suit various scenarios. Our Offsite, Onsite, Offshore, and Hybrid Delivery Models have their own inherent merits. In many cases, IT project plans can be optimized by utilizing the resources in a combination of delivery models. The delivery models provide adaptive and customized solutions for clients by reducing time and costs, thus enabling them to achieve their business goals.

  • Onsite Delivery Model:
  • Onsite delivery model entails the complete process of software development from initial consultation to deployment and support at the client’s premises. The onsite team is comprised of managers, consultants, and programmers that work seamlessly together to deliver high quality services. This model is most suitable for projects that are short term and have fluid requirements.
  • Offshore Delivery Model:
  • Offshore delivery model entails the complete process of software development from initial consultation to deployment and support at SoluSoft’s offshore site. With extensive domain expertise gained from years of industry experience, strong adherence to established practices, and a profound communication infrastructure, we suggest implementing this model for the highest cost-effectiveness for our clients, provided that the project is well-defined, stable requirements, and long term.
  • Hybrid Delivery Model:
  • The recommended outsourcing delivery model is the Hybrid delivery model, which is comprised of a combination of the Offshore and Onsite delivery model. When implementing this model, the onsite team handles the client interaction, initial requirements gathering, project management, and final implementation, whereas the offshore team handles research and development, product design, coding, and testing. The balance between onsite and offshore efforts is determined by the project budget and complexity.

For more information on which engagement model is best for your project, please Contact us.