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Business Process Management
Business Process Management is a proactive way of managing business processes in a department or enterprise wide to increase efficiency, productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction by automating, improving or optimizing business processes. It is used to create, enhance, monitor, analyze, control and optimize operational business processes by utilizing people, process, and technology.

Business Process Management can be used to distribute work within an organization to different work groups, where specialized processing can take place. Process Management routes data, referenced by process instances, to designated people or activities, where predefined rules are applied and actions are performed based on specified conditions.

From a business point of view, the BPM value is summed up as follows:

B:    Business Value b by increasing growth and bottom line profitability of an organization

P:    Process Value Value by continuous improvement of processes to transform resources and material to excellent products and services

M:    Management Value Value by continuous planning, improvement and measurement through collected metrics by monitoring, analysis, control, what if scenarios and optimization

Monitoring and Business Intelligence

SoluSoft’s BPM solutions provide both real-time and historical insight into existing processes. The results can be displayed in table or graphical formats. Some standard reports available are:

  • Average time in activity —- How long each Application spent at each activity
  • Average locked time in activity —- How long each Application was actually worked on at each activity
  • Number of items in each activity —- How many items are waiting in each application process activity
  • % work in activities —- Shows the activities that have worked and where, by percentage, the items are located

Information is available for any historical time period, and can be divided by line of business, region, group, or individual.


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